Thursday, 27 January 2011

Work Experience

Since you obviously missed me sooo much over the past few days i thought i better geive you some kind of explanation for depriving you of my fabulousness got it instead :)

I was working in a PR/marketing/advertising firm and I learnt so much from actually seeing everything we learn applied in the real world and here's a little list;

1) london is noisy, and everyone is busy, so everything you say has to be important and concise
2) most of the time you don't get to say anything so, from a creative point of view get down everything you want to express on paper and, as much as possible in pictures they're so much easier to digest
3) be a good boy scout and BE PREPARED someone could shout PITCH at you anytime!
4) don't use exclamation marks so much :/

I would seriously seriously recommend everyone goes and gets some, in whatever kind of office but just to experience how working in a big city and important office goes even if its just so you can DRESS UP like an important person (That was one of my favourite parts). Going for only two days meant I learnt and worked VERY effectivly and lots of people were willing to give up a little of thier time for me knowing i' be out from under thier feet really soon!

So get working

Ish x

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