Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My First Interview

Courtney here!

So...i had my first interview today at falmouth! i was soooo nervous this morning, especially as the traffic was bloody stupid getting there from our hotel but luckerly my daddy got me there just on time =] after dragging me up the bloody hill.....the interview went really well (i think) it was soo relaxed and the tutors who i spoke to were lovely! so anyone else who has an interview there you dont need to worry - you will be fine! They even remembered the work of a few of you who have already been so it means 'we' as a college are making a good impression!

Ellie, Becca, Nancy and i think Poppy also had there interview today so hopefully all of theres went really well too and they enjoyed it! =]

thats all i got to say really - nothing too interesting =]


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