Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Jenny here :)
Haven't blogged in a while, so thought I would!
[Though the post about Christian Louboutin's was mee :D] haha.

Anyways, for this current project I picked a 1626 map from a charity store as my inspiration, from this I'm thinking along the lines of doing a travel journal,

I shall research and come up with ideas, colour schemes etc. for different people who would use them; explorers looking for new adventures, journalists who want to record where they go on their travels, fashionistas who are discovering new cultures and fashion inspirations and chefs looking for new foods and recipes etc.

While researching travel journals in general I came across a blog: it's really great, there is only one post on some covers she did that she thought could be used on a travel journal, but the rest of hre posts are on scrapbooking etc. and her work is beautiful :)

I added her to our blog list, seeing as Gayle showed us how to :)

Keep motivated with the art girlies! :)


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