Friday, 28 January 2011

The Final Week of my Origami Project

So it has come to friday once again, which means it's my turn to blog! Fun stuff ehh?? especially that Gayle is offering some prize for the best blogger :) so prepare to be amazing with the next few weeks! (very much doubt it but I will do my best!)
Soooooooo ... not much has happened since last week. Have been carrying on with my origami project ... remember the lamp shades and airplanes?? Yep thats me! And its now come to the point where I'm starting to think of what the hell to make for this journal ... possibly a book on how to make your own art space?? As that was what the photo shoot was all about :)
Making the origami lamp shade, I needed LOADS of sheets of paper to make the entire thing, (took 6 hours to make 3 of them!) Impressed Gayle??? Especially with my TERRIBLE concentration span ... and I know everyone will be thinking this ... but NO caffeine! I'm growing up :D
Heres a photo of what one section looks like:

Sorry for the bad image, but you get the idea! Anyway ... with my not-so-cunning creative ideas (especially this week!) I ended up creating a mock-up front cover out of these bad boys:

Well that's what I've really been doing this week, with the added excitement of my first EVER interview at Falmouth for Textile Design. I think it went well ... meaning if I got to do it again, I wouldn't change a thing, so I guess thats all I could have hoped for really! (Actually on second thought ... Dad's dancing on the way back listening to some band called 'Haircut 100' was an interesting experience ... I think we scared Jackson off! But apart from that, just waiting to hear back from them! So anyone else who has an interview there soon (and from what you may have read from other posts), there seriously is nothing to worry about! Just be yourself and which ever Uni you've applied to, they will be lucky to have you!
So until the next exciting experience that I'm sure will happen next week ... this is me after all, so if I get through it without falling over, breaking my leg or making an UTTER fool out of myself ... it will be successful!
Becca x

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