Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Jess here!

So I was just clicking through vogue online and came accross the fact they have 'vogue blogs' and people such as Savannah Miller, Henry Holland and Paul Smith keep one updated! I'm pretty sure most of us would be able to get a degree in stalking with facebook, twitter and blogs! However it was good to look through them to see what Mr Holland himself gets up to while he's not designing -
He's even running the London marathon

I've actually just bought myself a pair of suspender tights from his lated limited edition collection.

The reason I bought them though was because i was inspired by the movie 'Coco before Chanel' that I've only just got round to watching-

It's a beautiful film, deffinitely worth watching and love the fact it's in french. But the film inspired my to try making my own dress pattern- LBD with traditional tailoring but a modern take. Ive made a twarl and finally think it could work so I shall upload pictures when I find the time to finish it!
Oh and I bought the tights because I thought they'd go with the dress.

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