Monday, 31 January 2011


did the tate thing today ..well random. enjoyed it though all you bums that didnt do it have missed out i'd say.

and now im annoyed and dont want to write any more becos what on earth has happened to this bloody blog website ? why is it now called blogger ? where have all my options up the top gone ? and what is going on. im not pleased with this why when i compose my message does it just show a jumble of AFIHERGZ::"!@$!Q$ and stuff until i "publish my post" ? WHY is this. why is everything going down hill !!!

calmed down a little now and the image ive uploaded is cos i love the way the net-a-porter online magazine does stuff. (oh yeh its an image from the mag i just realised thats not obvious) you should all look at it its very cool and also i love the awards season because i love the dresses and errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr oh yeh im going to follow british beauty blogger and be well different cos the makeup and creams she tests and stuff are just siiiiiiiiick and she analyses all this stuff about hair removal and permanent at home hair straightening and rah rah rah im sure everyone will follow fashion ones and stuff so my contribution can be good old SLAP

.....and now ive gone and realised that british beauty blogger is in fact part of some other blog site called "blog lovin" so thats no good we cant follow her and give her our support . so heres a link . read it

love ted

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  1. Er, hello! Yes you can follow me at Blog Lovin is just a tool to arrange all your most liked blogs all in one place for convenience. BBB is just me and not part of anyone or anything else! Thank you so much for the mention.. I'd love you to follow x