Thursday, 27 January 2011


We are approaching the end of our booking a charity project. But just thought I would post this website I just found.. it has a lot of cute bits on it :) I spent today screen printing and now I can actually feel like my project is going somewhere ... the question is will I change my mind again?
 Here is an idea of what my screen prints look like not a brill photo but you get the idea...
 I also should point out that when I typed micro pig into google (other search engines are available) that a picture of Victoria Beckham came up massive funny! And this piggy made me giggle and made me want one even more!!

I also found this lame animation I did at the beginning of art foundation but I do think it looks quite sweet so I am going to attempt to upload a video :o shock horror! Please do not judge me for it! 

G x

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