Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Errrrmm... :)

Hiii :)

It's Ellie and, well, this is officially the first time I've ever I hope you don't expect much.

For this project I'm creating 3 'self-help' book's for people that worry... The mini book will be packaged inside it's own mini drawstring bag, and then that will go into it's own mini tote bag (that I made this morning - aren't you proud?! I for once actually chose to make something rather than buy it for a £1 from Brooke! I mean that surely deserves a Distinction in itself, Gayle? No?)..... Errrrmm... :) Okay. Anyway.

I started out with a little pouch of Guatemalan worry dolls from Oxfam...

And so the whole design has branched from the idea that once you tell your dolls your worries, they will take them away whilst you sleep.... Only with my book, you write them down... (My mum has just started hoovering and so I can't think properly. Silly moo. Oh my now she's swearing at me. How rude.)

Anyway, I've forgotten what I was saying now so I think it's time for me to go.

BYE :) x

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