Friday, 21 January 2011

It's Becca :)

Ooo how exciting, my first ever blog post! and I must admit that with my lack of computer skills, its a miracle that I ACTUALLY managed to do it, and all by myself (I know ... impressive right??)
Soooooo, as I'm sure you've gathered, us Textiles students are doing a stationary project at the mo and the object that I found in a charity shop was a little origami set.
Seen as I could only make the crappest paper plane and boat, I thought that I might be getting a little ahead of myself, but I must admit that I am becoming rather obsessed with it! (even though it can be pretty stressful at times ... many tantrums thrown, resulting in ripping up countless sheets of paper, throwing them across the room and storming out of the room.)
However, I have managed to get some fairly cool results:

Hope you like :) I didn't go down the typical origami route (but hopefully that will make the uni's LOVE me right??) So as you can see from some of the last few pictures, I am trying to create my own art space :) take from it what you will ... and hopefully the book will just fall into place showing the perfect journal/guide on how to design and make you own art space.
So that's what I'm doing at the minute :) ... until next week!

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