Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Hello Project By Chloe, Trina and Rosina

We decided to recreate a Hello Magazine photo-shoot, using the theme of Britain to say Hello to other countries. We decided to make it more complex by having the girl at the beginning who we styled as if she was sitting in a very British living room, reading the Hello magazine. As she flicks through the pages she lands on an advertisement for Rimmel London make-up using the British flag as a theme, we decided to paint Anna's lips to the flag as well and stick the image next to the advert. We then showed Anna looking at the image of herself and as we zoomed in through stop motion switched to the photo-shoot itself where the image came from. The video is quite short however we were pleased with our ideas and the outcome, the song "Hello" by The Beatles also fitted well into our theme.

Hope you like it! x

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