Friday, 18 January 2013

wabi-sabi by elli

Upon first researching Wabi Sabi all I understood was that it involved a lot of exposed wood and some kettles. However I have grown to understand that it is really something quite more evolved than that. Wikipedia and a variety of blogs opened up a world that I instantly recognised, it is a world I want to live in! Simplicity, elegance, neutrality, relaxing are the words that Wabi Sabi creates through (another selection of words) withered, natural, aged and unique styling and objects that make a modest lifestyle craved after worldwide.

Life through wabi-sabi is minimalistic and earthy, its now a combination of sophistication but with the "one with nature" philosphy as the hippies. Its muted, its understated but more than anything, its desirable. Wabi-sabi delivers an effortless look that shows history. The objects represent the epitone of disheleved and worn elegance in the story of these prized possesssions. The combination of earthy browns, crisp whites and a collection of mellow colours create a beautifully simplistic aesthetic that pleases every sense, especially the mixture of textures; the dry wood; animal bones; furs; twigs and branches; concrete; leather; softness, metal and rust. Its these naturalistic qualities that create an eerily homely feel in open spaces, to feel comfortable and in touch with yourself as the old meaning of the word wabi-sabi intended, to live a life based on the necessities and auesterity but now in a stylised way.

Above I have collected a series of images on Pinterest under the tag wabi-sabi, they portray a very rustic appeal, from similar backgrounds as the "shabby chic" trend that has established itself, wabi-sabi offers a much more genuine ethos rather than concentrating on material goods because of its unique origin. The colours in the images above are basic and monotonal but so effective together. I really respect this way of life, coming from a less well-off background I've always greatly appreciated the things I have as well as considering the aesthetics of my home. Below I have tried to recreate a wabi-sabi-esque photo because my own home is comfy (homely but not stylish) I used an old lantern I found in my garden on top of a wooden barrel-type thing to focus on the attraction of imperfection. Wabi-Sabi is something I aspire to when I grow up and move out, until then I'll be making lots of wabi-sabi inspired notes to pour out into my luxurious adult size home.

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