Sunday, 4 November 2012


This is Emma-Jane and to please Gayle I'm going to a lovely long post :)
I am very stressed at the moment but I recently went on holiday and traveled to France, Germany and Holland for 4 days, it was greaaat fun! There's some seriously amazing street art in the Netherlands!

I do like photography so here are some of the pictures I took for the spinning tops project. 

Moving onto our wasp project here are some pictures. My bathroom is very small so I'm afraid my shower curtain pictures are not brill plus I'm scared to iron it in case it burns..

I have made my own little wash bag, (I want to make a bigger one though), a exfoliating glove with embellishment, soaps, nail file, my own little sample of cleanser and flannel/ hanker chief.. I have stressed about my shower cap idea and its not working out brilliantly. I also plan to make resin, if its not too late! My shower curtain is my main product.

Answering question..

Next year I am hoping to be at university somewhere in London or Bath Spa/ Bristol UWE hopefully! I also plan in the summer to do something amazing for charity, I want to sky dive or do something wild.

The two people who inspire me most is the model Daphne Groeneveld because I don't know why, but I think she's fab and has a really interesting face. I don't know who inspires me, I tend to see things in magazines or tumblr that just make be go wow.

When I am not working hard at college I am, either eating, in Norfolk (as that's where my mumma lives), out with friends, trying to do workout video's pffft or doing my college work! Not exciting really.

I would love to go to Thailand, Africa Or somewhere in South America. I just love their cultures and they're so much more quirky than us brits.

The most important thing I have learnt this term is to stick to a plan that actually includes several whole days of doing art and maths reversion and not to be too much in my sisters room because I know all of One Directions and Taylor Swifts songs..

I hope you've all enjoyed half term :) Sorry for the long post!


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