Monday, 19 November 2012


Hello this is EMMA-JANE YET AGAIN. Rawr

Just thought i'd share my evening with you guys and show you the shibori technique. I'm really bored so the pictures may amuse you...

Step number one: I use coins but you can actually use any little object (that doesn't melt) to create a 3d effect for this technique. I like coins because they produce circles and relate to my Octopus umbrella :) Paper clips look really cool too! All you do is lay your fabric on the floor, lay a penny onto the fabric, twist it and then tie it with either wool, elastic or rope. Whatever tickles your pickle!

You then get a metal siv and place it upon a boiling hot pan of water and let it steam for two minutes or so depending on how delicate you would like it and how thick your material is. Then once done, let it cool down and cut off the elastic.

THE RESULT. Its pretty awesome, I love this technique!

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