Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Someone had to do the stereotypical film for a umbrella scene and my brain cells are slowly melting so yes I have chosen Mary Poppings :)

This film is a musical and the woman herself is a mysterious nanny who helps a unhappy little family. She travels by her famous umbrella and is basically a crazy lady. I aspire to be her ;).. WE ALL KNOW THIS FILM!

Different uses of the umbrella, I particularly like the second image and third. Purely because I would totally have that sort of quirky interior for my own home :) For those who love fashion, I found a more simplistic candy cotton type of umbrella dress. 

Obviously you'll look at this and realise this is one of Alexander McQueen's extreme creations, I feel he designed this because it was a obvious statement on his negative feelings toward the fashion industry. I really like the build up of the grotesquely made-up models with the additional features of the umbrella's and the statement lipstic.

To end this post I would like you to take the time to appreciate my umbrella hat :)


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