Friday, 2 March 2012

My First And Last Interview

Today was the day of my only interview at southampton solent because its the only course that i want to do .

i was sooooo scared and nervous ,

they told me the interview was only going to be about 20 mins which isnt too bad , i was taken up to the room where they teach the graphics and other fashion courses ( thank god they had a lift because it was on the 5th floor and i had my protfolio and a bag full of sketchooks) there were two people interviewing me and they were so nice and friendly and they told me that they loved my work which was nice and they think that i would love the course.

they said they can see me getting on really well in the university and they said they saw me on the course as all my work was what they were looking for which is a good sign i guess . i dont want to get my hopes up too much incase they say no but was really pleased i thought i was going to be asked really scary questions like what can you bring to the course and why should we pick you but they only asked who my favourite designers and stylists are? and what do i see myself doing in 5 years time.

They told me about all the projects that they do and they gave me two copies of there own fashion magazine that the fashion and art department create and its really good.

sorry to go on.

i hope i get in , otherwise ill be stacking shelves :(


Abby   <<< there is their magazine

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