Thursday, 22 March 2012

Im Not Interioir, I Am A Fashion Girl Born & Bred

   Sally again, with one quick photo & one quick blog post - as I seem to be addicted to blogging this week!!! I actually cant seem to stop myself! Anyway the title says it all really, even though we are in the middle of an interior project, I still find myself verging into the direction of fashion, even if it is just an unusually large lampshade with a model standing inside - who could deny this as fashion?!? Incase you are wondering the context of this photograph, it is Marianne Maric's "Lamp Girl", taken of the model getting ready to go and model the opening of "Sex Sells" at SHOWstudio. Now the question is, can you connect the photo with the title? I have certainly seen the clever link. But I will leave you to fathom that one out over the next few days.
   Au Revoir,
Sally Louise Paine

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