Monday, 12 March 2012

I Am Sooooooo Sleepy, But I Shall Blog On . . .

Meant to be uploaded yesterday, but as per usual when I have a deadline (in this case end of the week to do my blog post) my internet/laptop/photos seem to be in the awkward mood! So here they are today (this is Sally btw, hello!). My 10 Brighton photos that is. Am as for the title (of which I wrote last night) it is still very much true, I am always tired, so whats new there! But I shall indeed blog and work on through. So my first set of images (bellow) are of the Brighton pier, which uses a colour pallet of golden yellow and blues which are dramatised by the contrasting black sculptures and silhouettes. . .

 My second set, I have chosen as I feel they juxtapose rather effectively with the calming set from above. These photos are of a rather hyper, brightly fuelled arcade (on the pier). I felt these two sets of photos may be possible points to lead off from, using the contrasting ideas & colour pallets to create a design which incorporates both for more of a dynamic impact.

Anyway I hope you find these photos to your taste buds. I still have tones more blog posts lined up to do, containing exciting stuff that I really want to share with you guys, but I guess its just finding the time and the energy!
Anyway have a good day off tomorrow - woops I mean research day ;) (or drawing day for me, as I have already done all 12 researches on interior designers/photographer etc etc - worst part done & dusted for me!!)

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