Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Uni interviews

So since last Wednesday i've had 3 interviews, Bucks, Winchester school of art and Bath Spa today so here is how all of them went...

Bucks - I hadnt been to the uni before so i got shown around after my interview and it looks so good! My interview was less than half an hour long and she didnt really make many comments about my work, however i did feel pushed to talk about my work as she kept wanting to move on. The questions she asked (that i can remember!) were; Who is your favourite artist/designer? Do you think the colour pink should be stereotyped? (this was for my pink project)

Winchester - my interview was really positive and the lady interviewing me was really nice! It was more like a conversation or discussion rather than an interview as she was so friendly and on every page she would pick something that she liked and comment on it. She also really liked to touch a lot of it or take out things i had tied in with elastic. The questions she asked me were; Tell me about the course your on at the moment? What exhibitions have you been to?, Who is your favourite artist/designer?, Do you like to have meaning in your work?, Do you like using a computer to do work?

Bath Spa - my interview lasted about half an hour and was quite intense. He didnt give much away and didnt really say much about my work. He did however ask me question after question so here are the ones I can remember; What have you done on your course so far?, What have you enjoyed on the course so far? Why did you specialise in fashion/textiles?, Why did you choose Bath?, Are you an optimist or a pessimist?, How would you descibe your personality?, How did you get into riding?, Who is your favourite artist/designer? What exhibitions have you been to recently?, How would you like to improve?, Do you like to write? (looking at my essay), Do you like using a computer to do work?, What magazines do you like? What do you like particularly about Drapers?, What is your dream? and i know there were more!

This is everything i can remember at the moment.

Ruth x

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