Friday, 23 March 2012

It's All About Vintage Boutiques With Me... I Know...

I know it's very typical of me to be posting or even discussing anything to do with vintage boutiques... But hey, I just spent 5 solid hours with a professional stylist, and oh, erm, Lily Allen's sister Sarah Owen styling and photgraphing stock in their Vintage Boutique Lucy in Disguise London. It's such a beautiful shop, with wonderful staff and AMAZING garments. I fell in love with almost every single fucking thing in there I swear! Lucky I only had a small bag, or half their stock would have probably gone missing! But anyway, they asked me to come back on Tuesday to do even more styling and photography which means I must have made a good impression and an even better contact! I left my card so they can see my blog, twitter etc. so a bit of networking was definitely involved! But being asked to go back next Tuesday is rather fitting anyway as Sally and I have free tickets to see an Autumn/Winter 2012 collections talk at London College of Fashion (even though I was unsuccessful, why can't I flaunt my business card in their faces?:P) 

Anyway this ties in really well with my theme of vintage boutiques for the Brighton project as well, which is also going nicely might I add? (Gayle, my photos will be done Monday morning by the way, and I'm not too behind at all!) I'm fucking nervous about FMP, and I'm slightly scared of going out of my comfort zone in case it all goes tits up and I can't fix it!!! But it should be one hellllll of an adventure, and I wish you all the best of luck in yours too! 

The photos I did for Lucy in Disguise are on my blog, please check it out and hit the Facebook Like button while you're at it? Ta babes! 

Anyway, must go to bed because I am cream crackered!!! Have a good weekend guys! Much love, Flo xxxx

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