Friday, 2 March 2012

abit of everything...

Here's just a lil catch up on whats going on. starting with my Middlesex interview it started off to a rough start when my interview was in the new building which you needed a card to swipe to get into it, so yh basically i had to wait for someone to come out and run in. next i had to wait 2 hours to have a interview with the wicked witch or so i thought... two hours later turns out she was lovely and we had a good laugh surprisingly? so just waiting to see if i get a place! and now jsut waiting for a interview at LCF and got a interview at Bedfordshire next week.
also handed in my skirt project and waiting to do a photo shoot for that, but hopefully ill find time next week and those pictures will be on here before you know it!
onto Brighton ive basically been looking into very grand and beautiful rooms to inspire me I've also been looking into prices of furniture and finding lil gems that i could transform.

Georgia x

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