Monday, 19 March 2012

A Post for Sunday Night (I know its Monday,but I'm cheating!!!!)

   Hi, my name is Sally, and I do not know the meaning of a non fashion blog post. In fact I do not know the meaning of a non fashion project, non fashion hobbies or non fashion lifestyle. You could say that my whole world revolved around fashion, and lets be fair, you would not be far off!
   So back to the point, this blog post wont be on the current project, but will be on an inspirational young designer and illustrator called Hayden Williams. I met him though my blog - Dress Me, I'm Your Mannequin - and we have been in contact since. So when we was given the task to research illustrators for the skirt project, I knew exactly where to go. I have also done a more in depth blog post on his work, including a the unique quote he gave me especially for my last project. To see this please go to Bellow are some of his designs and illustrations inspired the culture around us.

 And bellow is my very own attempt at creating a response to his work (you can see more photos of this and how I did it here

 And here is my responce (bellow).
 And my final design for the skirt project, of which the illustraional styling was inspired by William's work.
 And bellow, is a teaser of my skirts photoshoot - more to come very soon ;)
 So this bit of research that had initially started out as just a piece for my skirt project became a blogpost dedicated to Hayden Williams, which has had almost 200 views in the past two days. Hayden has also shown his support with several tweets & retweets supporting my blog (some are bellow) and has (as of today) started following me on twitter. YES I AM A TAD STARSTRUCK!!! But who can blame me when I am in love with his illustrations! Such an inspiration. Another exciting thing that has come from my contact and blog post has been that I have been able to make even more contacts with designer colleagues of Williams and also have been contacted by a fashion website/blog to help with their new project, after they saw my blog and asked "Would you be interested in being a editor or writer" ERMMMM YESSS!!!!
 AND FINALLY, if that wasn't enough, I have had another spot of luck. Through my blog's contacts, today I have been offered FREE tickets (they are normally $75) to a talk at LCF with Chris Gilbert on the AW12 collections in London next Tues. I am unbelievably excited and am taking Miss Florence Smith with me too :) So it is fair to say, these last few days have been very good for me and my fashion blog.
So right now, I shall love you and leave you (to check out my blog ;)
Sally Louise Paine

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