Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A day in brighton...

We had a GREAT! time in Brighton yesterday after wandering around the lanes and then freezing our toes off paddeling in the sea!! having a picnic on the beach and then photograping rides on the pier the day was over too quickly but here are some of my best photos out of the 250 i took yesterday!...

 These two didnt suspect a thing....hehehe (sneaky photography)

 This shop was amazing everthing in the window was made of tiny beads i thought this could possibly be used a a idea for my lighting??
 Mermaid Grafiti
 I really like the interior of this shop and could easily be recreated in my space using wallpaper
 These were the most amazing sweets that I have ever seen they look quite realistic to especially the fish fingers

 Paul and Georgie they were mad to go on this it looked sooo scarey and they were hanging upside down half the time over the sea!!!
 Cant wait for the next trip
by Lauren xxx

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