Saturday, 3 March 2012


This week I had my interviews at Epsom and Bournemouth D: 
They were a lot more relaxed then i thought they would be though. At Epsom we were taken on a tour whilst the interviewer looked through our portfolios. We then got back and he interviewed us individually.  He was super friendly though and asked me to pick my favourite piece of work from my portfolio and talk about it. Then he just asked me general questions like what inspires you and who is your favourite designer, what do you want to gain from the course and how you want your work to progress throughout uni. No weird questions about chocolate bars, thank god. It felt a lot more like we were just having a chat rather than it being an interview which made me feel more relaxed.
My Bournemouth interview was quite different. In the interview I went through two of my sketchbooks and then through my portfolio with the interviewer. She didn't really ask me any questions, she just asked if I had any questions for her. When she finished answering my questions, she sort of just sat there, and I couldn't really tell what she wanted me to do so I just kept on asking questions to try and show that I was enthusiastic, but i probably just seemed really annoying, ha! I think she might have done this to see what my reaction to her not really doing anything was? I dunno! 
Hope everyone's interviews have gone well!   

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