Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Just opened the message from Gayle about the blog rota, and turns out Tuesday is my day to post!
I've really nothing to post at the moment; my book is full of research and ideas, and I would scan it in if my printer hadn't broken!
So I will try and use the college facilities to do a better update :)

When I post again next, I shall also scan in an image I am painting for the college, which the principal will be taking to China; see the class photo we have on our blog? That's what I'm painting :D
It's coming along okk :))

Not much else to write at the moment, and no images to post! I have plenty of ideas and hope to post their progress soon!

I will reveal however that I have settled on the brand name Vespa, which is Italian for wasp. Someone else in the group I discovered is using it too, which is perfect motivation to work harder and make my brand stand out more as the name is no longer original!

I am contemplating changing it though; will update if I do!

Jenny :)

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