Thursday, 28 October 2010

Just My Luck...

I'd written a nice long post, and pressed 'back' for it to be wiped from history...great!

Firstly, even though I know I have the correct details, Prezi WILL NOT LET ME LOGIN. Very, very frustrating... it is so much more professional then the old fashioned Powerpoint I will now have to work with...grrrr.

Anyway, was up at 7am today for a 9am art supply trip to Basingstoke :D
I bought fabric and cord to make the drawstring gift bag, beads/sequins to embroider items with, a tie (polyester not silk, but a tie nonetheless!), handkerchiefs (to embroider along with the tie), small foldable boxes (pack of 10, only need a few, the rest look real cute stacked up in my room filled with jewellery :P), ribbon, tracing paper and card for my tags, and a sketchbook for a mock up catalogue.

Has anyone seen Devil Wears Prada? They have the large book copy of the magazine before it goes to print, where everything is layed out and stuck in, covered in notes etc?  Well my magazine mock-up will be similar, only without notes and will look slightly more professional - and is to give an idea of what would be printed in the catalogue that would be sent out in the gift bags. I just couldn't get an actual professional one done as... you have to buy in bulk. And I really DON'T need 1,000 copies thank you VERY much! Ha :)

Everything is coming together :) and it's quite exciting...I'm nervous about our Dragons Den style presentation, but am ready with my smart black dress, heels and tights, and will do my best to hold myself together for those 5minutes! Can't be too hard, right?

Jenny :)

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