Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Kingston University

I haven't any arty things to post at the moment - that doesn't mean I haven't done any, I simply haven't scanned it in or photographed it, so I thought I would write about my visit to Kingston University, and post the more arty update later this week - meaning i'll blog twice, surely that's a good thing? ;)

Anyway, was up bright and early on October the 23rd (last Saturday) to catch the 8.15am train to Serbiton  (sp?) with my Mum and Dad. The journey took about an hour and I almost fell asleep! I'm not very good with mornings...
After some poor map reading we eventually found our way to Kingston University - about 20 minutes from the train station.
Unfotunately I wasn't immediately impressed...inside it was crowded and seemed dis-organised, and our first talk of the day, at 10pm, was on Student Life. The seating was rickety, the room was - in my words - 'scabby', and the presentation was amateaur. There was an interactive quality to it, with the audience having clicker pads allowing us to vote A,B or C to some questions they asked - but it made it seem like a talk show, especially as the whole thing was presented by a male in his 40s who sat in the stair isle, asking people at the front to do certain things! One woman would explain different pricings and the halls etc. while 3 students who were currently at the University would give advice.
There wasn't a single mention of Freshers and the talk was very bland.

Afterwards we headed for the Fashion talk, which I was sort of looking forward to, but after the first impression I doubted it would be any good...
I'll give the Uni some credit, the course sounded...ok. But the presenatation was worse then the one before, sat as though we were in class, the woman who overruns the whole Fashion Design course stood at the front droning on. The slideshow she flicked through would have been more interesting had she not skimmed it so quickly - making it impossible to see the work examples. A student who blogs her work showed her blog at the end, and it could have been interesting, except all I heard was 'I draw' pretty much over and over again...
Question time at the end wasn't informative at all - the woman never answered a single question properly.

Anyway, by the time it came to the tour I had made up my mind, now I know you really should look around to get a better feel of the course, and it should be the resources the University provides that I make my decision on, but having already been bored by the presentation and finding the course not overly attractive, I knew it was not a place I wanted to be, I wouldn't be happy there, and didn't like the surrounding area or the parts of the University I had seen.

We didn't attend the tour, and headed straight home. My Mum agreed with what I thought about the place, although Dad tried to find something good from it [bless him].

Anyway, Kingston just wasn't for me.

Next Saturday; Glamorgan in Wales!

Jenny :)

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