Sunday, 31 October 2010

Too many ideas, too little time...

Okkay. So I've realised that realistically achieving all the items I wish to make, finishing my sketchbook so there is no gaps and everything is complete....AND doing a Catalogue mock up...simply isn't achievable.

I'm basically there with everything, few touch ups on the sketchbook here and there, sort out a few bits on certain items...and those will be complete...
I will then finish sorting out my Powerpoint, and will be ready for tomorrow - which will go fine...atleast that's what i'm telling myself, it's only 5 minutes of my life after all. If I muck it up - atleast I gave it a go :)

ANYWAY.... once all that is done, there is no way I can attempt to cram in doing a catalogue mock up, my busy schedual [working on the sketchbook and other items, visiting universities etc.] teamed with bad weather when i've been free, and even worse weather today, means I can't do any location shoots... therefore, although the idea was good, I shall have to leave it. Perhaps mock up a few pages and put them in my sketchbook to show where I was going with some ideas etc. but if I attempt any more work, I won't sleep tonight..and I need my sleep! [recovered insomniac who can easily slip back into sleepless routines, right here!]

Aside from all that, have had my Personal Statement emailed back - it's SO close to being ready :D, so that's a load off my mind! Also, I visited Glamorgan University yesterday, all the way over in Cardiff...
I fell in lovee.
Glamorgan is officially top of my list, it even knocked Nottingham on Trent into second place - now THAT is an achievement!! I loved the place so much, I thought with a Welsh accent for the rest of the day... but I'm a little strange like that.
Anyway, the place is lovely, the rooms are full of windows an well lit, the facilities are great, the presentation was professional, and the tutors are full of enthusiasm...i'm excited to go to university, would love to be able to get a place there, and know what I need to do in order to stand out from the crowd, the course sounds PERFECT. Hard work, but nothing that the college course isn't preparing me for!

Jenny :)

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