Thursday, 21 October 2010

Time to screen print....

Okayyy so I was meant to blog yesterday..... Oopsiee sorry Gayle!! Butttt today I did a screen print so I thought I would add this to the blog today instead! :)
Anywayyy, I've been playing around with some designs for my products in my sketch book, looking at different fonts, what I thought would work, and then thinking up some small slogans which could then go onto my products such as a baby bib or a mug. For example one of them was "I'm the reason girls go crazy!" and then another one was simply saying "I love you Daddy".
After figuring out what I was going to say, I experimented with different colours that I would use in the background and played around with my logo.

These are two of the of the different designs I came up with. I played around with pastel colours, as they are quite typical for baby wear and I decided to go with the stripey pink one  for the baby's bib for screen printing as I thought it looked quite cute.

The screen printing itself took FOREVER as I had to keep re arranging the masking tape I was using to create the stipes in the background, which was soooo irritating but after that things seem to go okay. When I was doing the screen print for the stripes, me and Brooke (hope that's how it's spelt, sorry if it isn't!!) thought the screen looked pretty cool so I decided to take a photo and then print that onto a piece of paper.... 

 .....which came out like this. Although you can't really see, the stripes did come out quite well. Then after doing the second lot of pink, I printed the sreen ontop of this print......

 ...... and this was the end result. I didn't line it up that well as it went a bit wonky but still, I really like it!

After that I finished printing my design, but unfortunately the words didn't come out very well as I had to keep printing it. Word of warning, flannel like material is a complete pain to screen print on! But yeah, this is what it eventually turned out like and I am pretty pleased with it considering this is the first time I have ever done screen printing!

Hope you like it, Hannah O x

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