Thursday, 4 October 2012

10 things you dont know about me- Ali (Alice H)

1. I have broken my nose five times and nearly every bone in my body for that matter.

2. My favourite colour is lime green.

3. I am a total midget – I’ve only grown 3cm in the past 3/4years.. which proves it!

4. I have a dog that think she a cat- that why she called ‘kitty’.

5. I really do hate wearing dresses!

6. My favourite food would have to be the classic bacon sandwich.

7. The nerdy bit.. I play the cello- for a good 4 years or so now.

8. One of my middle names is Florence.

9. I live at home with my dad and my younger sister and my partner (I really do hate the word ‘boyfriend’) - we been together for 2 years and I guess you could class it as ‘living together’ for a year & a bit now, well more like he live with me haha.

10. I like to be called Ali instead of Alice.

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