Friday, 5 November 2010

Lucinda here again :)

Was suppose to blog yesterday on the blog rota but totally forgot so I'm blogging now!.

Well we all had to do the presentation on Tuesday to the 'Dragons' (five very scary people!).I was pretty nervous but wanted to get it out of the way quickly. Halfway through I started to relax a bit thankfully and I think it went better then I thought it was going to go.

Now we have started a new project on Spinning Tops. Can't say I'm to excited about this project but the second half with the Umbrellas seem more exciting even though I would prefer not to model the umbrella!

So far I havent actually liked any of my drawings I've done but I like this image below that I made using a Spirograph. I inverted this image on the printer and here is what it looks like. (this is A3 but my scanner is A4)

I then made this into a collage and another one of my images into one aswell.

 I think I am going to add to these maybe with the sewing machine or with some more collage.

 I also went to a firework display on Wednesday and here a few of my favourite photos.

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