Monday, 11 February 2013



Just a couple of pages from the 'Charity Styling' project, I chose a small rocking horse ornament as my starting point and over the three weeks explored styling and marketing around a product/ fashion brand which I developed from the rocking horse theme. In the end I came up with "Restoration" as the fashion brand and made posters and invitations (as seen above) to a fashion show I would hold for the "Spring '13 collection". I made bunting (sample bunting in Image 2 ABOVE) from the combination of a repeated pattern of my rocking horse and a background clothing pattern from Louis Vuitton's Spring '12 catwalk show based on carousel's (below). 

After making the bunting I wanted to create a set of images with a model marketing "Restoration", I  wrapped the bunting and lots of fairy lights around my model (Livi) and scattered the advertising posters and repeated patterns (below) on the floor and stuck them on the walls of the studio. I chose my model an outfit that fitted to the purple and green colour scheme and also that had a circus themed pattern on the playsuit.

Here are some of the final images which I edited using, I am really happy with the lighting and overall effect to the compositions! I love the glowing shadows behind her which are created from a soft box directed from the left hand side and also the fairy lights which are wrapped around her body. I want to use the images to create a magazine spread of the "Restoration" brand as it would be seen advertised in a magazine for a current collection.


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