Thursday, 7 February 2013

EJ and the colour purple

 Ok so, Hello.

I am back to blogging as I've finally been able to log in, yaaaay! Gayle you should feel slightly relieved ;) My colour is purple- A colour I dislike strongly but I can easily adapt and I do like a challenge.
   I am a big fan of textiles however I'm looking forward to express my inner love for fashions and collections. Its really exciting being able to use my Elle and Vogue knowledge into more depth. The change from interiors is healthy.

 So after our 1minute presentations today on our selected designer and skirt/dress, I thought I should upload my sketchbook research I've just done!

I really felt inspired by Christopher Kane's collection, its sweet coated pastels and rebellious use of DIY alternatives in contrast to buttons was cleverly produced as well as the link to Frankenstein (using polyester tape too.) Some of his pencil dresses were very minimal and chic- a dress that many women lust for and Christopher Kane is the designer to produce just that. Although looking deeper into his designs the dress I chose had layers of lace and embroidery with harsh uses of tape which  were shiny and eye catching. I really like the tape however I feel it could possibly be sewn into slightly to become more apart of the dress as it slightly looks "shoved" on. On the catwalk the dresses all varied in structure on the silhouettes and it feels like  a rather romantic, sweet, setting however it wasn't too endangered by being overly girly as the inspiration of Frankenstein was incorporated into with printed t-shirts. On the other hand the embroidery and embellishment is beautiful, it seems pure with the pastel colour scheme and the variation in skirts is most certainly noticed. I usually go for print when seeking inspiration but I just love Christopher Kane so much, I had to choose him.

Here is a sketchbook page, I did an hour ago...
Also little pictures of the mood boards I created on Wednesday :)

I'm currently really inspired by a cheeky little red cabbage for this project but we'll see hmm.

P.s here is my styling photography from our last project... Better late than never!

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