Monday, 25 February 2013

London Fashion Weekend!

I feel like a zombie at the moment, had only about 5 or less hours of sleep last night and I have no energy whatsoever.. I want to go to sleep so badly but then I thought it's better to get this post done before it gets a bit out of date. So here it goes....

Before the half term I had a very hectic month; portfolios, uni apps, interviews, projects, etc etc. I did 2 interviews, one was at Kingston and the other was at Ravensbourne. I got an offer from Kingston which I'm overwhelmed about, and I am still waiting to hear from the other unis. By the way it is NO FUN at all to carry a huge, very heavy portfolio around London, I had sore arms for a couple of days. Oh and I've learnt that if you're waiting in a canteen or a room for your turn to 'shine' and your surrounded by other applicants, talk to them! If you're lucky you can meet some lovely people and it makes you feel  a little less nervous. So after all the hassling I said to myself...Jenny you deserve to have a break, just relax for a few days it won't do any harm, then whooosh it is the Sunday before college starts already. It's strange how time flies quicker when you're having a good time and it goes slower when you're not. I had a great half term if you ask me, I was having enough sleep, didn't need to worry about a thing, and the best bit was that I won 2 tickets to the London Fashion Weekend!!! Well, I bought them for 45 quid on ebay, not bad eh!? :D

So on the 23rd Feb, 2013 Saturday, me and my pal Daniella went to Somerset House with heaps of excitement to watch Issa London's S/S 2013 Collection show. Daniella Helayel the Creative Director of Issa London, who is born and raised in Brazil. The collection was inspired by the vibrant and exotic atmosphere of Brazil.

the pics I took were either too bright or too blurry :/

London Fashion Week   Spring/Summer 2013   Print Trend Highlights   Part 2 catwalks
I absolutely love the collection, the prints were mesmerizing with vivid colour combinations and beautiful fabrics. It felt like the collection was made for me because I'm a sucker for animal/crazy prints. The silhouettes were elegant, the models were looking glamorous with their snake scale like heels and pretty embroidered flower head pieces with some golden statement jewelries. What I liked about the collection was how it was put together, Daniella (the designer) pick different range of styles like some were simple wrap dresses whereas some dresses had busy prints, there was a well-balance between the colours and prints and it wasn't OTT. It definitely captures the relaxing vibe of a summer vacation by a beach.

After the show, we went to the shop & lot bit which was pretty awesome. I found some cool shades and I couldn't resist to try them on... I bought some bracelets and they were pretty much the only items that I could afford to get....sad times, though we picked up every business cards that were displayed from each stand.
I love these mickey mouse ones

It was slightly uncomfortable
We got goodie bags which wasn't as exciting as i thought it would be like.

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