Sunday, 23 September 2012

10 things you don't know about me - Jenny

      1.       I have a birthmark on my neck 
2.       I’m from Hong Kong though my family’s Nepalese, hence I have a weird accent
3.       I can speak and write Chinese, but not Nepalese
4.       I am a huge Michael Jackson and Beyoncé fan
5.       I don’t have a favourite colour because I love all the colours
6.       I’m obsessed with cute animal accessories
7.       My friends call me Jennay, Jens Jens, Jelly, Jen, Jennu
8.       When I was a kid, I thought the sun and the moon followed me wherever I went...ahah            
9.       I’m the oldest child in my family
10.  I’ve got phasmophobia – fear of ghost, so I try to avoid watching any ghost related stuff 

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