Monday, 24 September 2012

10 things you dont know about me! - Daniella aka Nella

1. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe (no I didn't live with the wildlife by the way), I don't understand how some people think just because you live in an African country you must live near lions or elephants... I can't remember how many times people have actually asked me that.
2. I'm a bit of an insomniac I can stay up for three nights and four days straight!!! I know its a bit weird.
3. I'm accident prone, fallen out of trees, and hurt myself on numerous occasions but touch wood it hasn't happened to me in a while.
4. I have now been living in England for 1 and a half years!!! I still can't get used to it and not too keen on the weather! I mean seriously it rains or is cold nearly  300 days out of the 365 days of the year!
5. I live with my dad, his partner, four sisters and my little brother, making me the oldest!!
6. I tend to over exaggerate 'sometimes' as you can see and I can be extremely sarcastic.
7. My favourite colour is purple... I like nearly all colours except pink and I think its extremely sexist when people think that pink is meant to be a girl colour.
8. When I was a kid I played with a cheetah and her cubs, sadly I can find the picture but it was really cool, I've ridden an elephant but I will not go on a horse, they freak me out.
9.Once I went yo snake world and my cousins wanted to let out the king cobra I totally freaked!!! so as I was going I was stung by a bee and ran around screaming that a snake bit me!! LOL... I totally freaked the parents out but hey I was like seven at the time.
10.My hobbies are swimming (I was on my swimming team for 5 years :)), art, listening to music and playing pool (I'm pretty good at it could beat all my friends its great!)

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