Monday, 24 September 2012

Heellloooo everyone,

10 things about ME-

1. One of my favourite hobbies to do outside college is SINGING.. love itttt
2. I was born with jet black hair when I was a baby and because I had SOO much hair in the womb my mother was very very ill.
3. As you all gather I LOVE clothing.. don't ever come shopping with me I am so OCD the item has to be perfect i get it straight from the back and it is examined from top to bottom if there is ANYTHING wrong with it ( and I mean a little peice of thread coming out) , i won't have it... crazzzy
4. I am TERRIFIED of horror movies..actually anything scary... I am even scared of the hair smelling man in Charles Angels.
5.I dont know if this is a fault.. But this is something I can't stop if i see ANYONE being verbally abused, picked on, or made fun of i immediately involve myself even if i dont know them.. my boyfriend says I will be shot one day.
6. I ADORE food i am glad the human race has created loads of amazing meals, drinks and snacks, yummmmm,
7. I have been with my LOVELY boyfriend for 3 1/2 years.
8. I live with my papa and I have a younger sis who is GORGEOUS and lives with my mumma, my parents are my BESTEST FRIENDS.
9. I have a dog named Beau and she is a bichon frise who has the EXACT same hair as me, she pwetttty.
10. Last but not least.. I dont know HOW, WHERE or WHEN but I would somehow like to be well-known in my lifetime.

Georgia x

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