Friday, 21 September 2012

Another 10 things you don't know about me... By Sian :D

Another 10 things you don't know about me... By Sian :D

1) I am part dolphin. (Because I can make a dolphin sound...)
2) I can make my eyes shake.
3) My favourite food was ice cream until the age of 10, when some weirdo health person told me that if ice cream was my favourite food I would grow up to be fat and ugly... (It scarred me for life.)
4) Busted, my favourite band EVER, split up on my 10th birthday. (It was one of the worst days ever. I cried.)
5) I tore a load of ligaments in my ankle when I was 10 and was on crutches for 15 weeks.
6) Apparently everything interesting in my life happened when I was 10...?
7) I have unhealthy obsessions with garlic bread, cheese and pasta.
8) I got thrown in a pond by my best friend while we were at a party... It broke my phone... I was not happy.
9) On holiday I beat 4 life guards swimming to a far out pontoon in metre high waves. I have never been so proud of myself.
10) I put a different and interesting design on my nails every week because I cannot stand them to be one plain colour, seriously, it's like OCD or something.


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