Sunday, 23 September 2012

Josh Woolford/ Ten things you don't know about me

Ten things you don't know 'bout me Josh Woolford

  1. i love playing Xbox games with my little brother and my mates
  2. i'm a young carer for my dad and used to be my grandparents
  3. i look after my brother and sisters
  4. i am the oldest of 4
  5. we have way to many pets 3 hamsters, a border collie, like 30 fish, 2 canary's and three guinea pigs mines called jango and i got two gerbils called Vladimir and Dmitri
  6. i used to play prop tight-head witch is front line in the scrum in rugby and love playing 5 deep quarterback plays
  7. i am a member of Alresford art society.
  8. my dream band would be a mix of nirvana cypress hill and bob marley
  9. my first albums where iron maiden powerslave and mastodon blood mountain.
  10. the first instrument i learnt to play was bass, then guitar drums and i tried keyboard... 

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