Monday, 2 April 2012

HI I'm Evie and I think I'm cool!!!!!

Heeeeey It's Hannah! I'm NOT in the sun :( But I am doing work!!! Yippee, who's a dedicated student? Hannah is.

Right so if you hadn't read Gayle's blog I am doing my FMP on The 12 Dancing Princesses. Please don't go thinking this is the kind of princesses you'd find in a Disney film, they're not, they are CLASSAY (and from the 18th century) ;) But basically my final outcomes (all 12!!!) are going to represent the 12 princesses but with a modern take. I am going to build 12 princess profiles by looking at 12 girls I know. Then my final pieces will be things like masquerade masks, dancing shoes and fans etc... 


I have currently done...a big spider diagram of ideas, an in depth description of what I plan to do and where I am taking inspiration from, moodboard, collages, 1 and a half artist research (and response) and story analysis. SUCK ONNNN THAT EVE :)



  1. That should be "hi I'm Evie and I KNOW I'm cool" actually...
    Sounds like a shit idea Hannah...
    Wait we're you begging me to come to casino with you tonight.. Think I just made up my mind.

  2. your my favourite? your evie and your super duper cool:) ?