Sunday, 1 April 2012

Not Out of Time!!

Why hello. Its Sally here again. And I am here to tell you I GOT MY PROJECT IN ON TIME!!! Shocking? I know! Not even needing a couple of hours extra on the day. I guess you could say that I don't go quite so over-the-top with interiors, as I do with my sketchbooks for fashion design. Never-the-less I did really enjoy the change from fashion to interior, for a couple of weeks before FMP, and before I began living, eating, breathing and sleeping fashion design (even more so than I do already). My interior project was based around driftwood; from my initial drawing (that took 27hrs) I came up with the print of which I covered my chair, walls and canvases in, for maximum clash! The chair itself I then veneered in my print (which took 21hrs) and then built up my own back to it too! So bellow are some of my final photos, taken within my own house. You can see the before & afters of my space, the paint splashing close up (of which I have videoed - just need to upload!) and the final photos of my space too. . .


   Next piece of news I wish to share with you all, the exciting London happenings of this week. Firstly (through my blog Dress Me, I'm Your Mannequin ) I was invited to a talk at LCF about the AW12 collections, which - although it only lasted an hour - was crammed full of useful information and inspiring imagery. After writing at the speed of light (to keep up with the talk) I must of got at least 20pages of really in depth notes!! On that same Tuesday, Flo also took me along with her to her Lucy In Disguise work experience, where I was able to meet Sarah Owen and talk/show her through some of my designs - which she said she liked! :) Upon arriving back to Alton, I was greeted with another invite on Wednesday, this time to a Grazia & French Connections party this Thursday. My final exciting fashion news comes from Twitter. Yes Gayle I know you think Twitters a tad silly, which yes it is 90% of the time, but it can be a great tool for promotion, if used right. And I obviously have been using it to some effect, as this Friday my blog was preempted by Mercedes London Fashion Week (the sponsors of LCF) - which meant my blog was promoted to over 20,000 people that day! Happy Times!

   And finally . . . I have been blogging like mad, after some advice from a friend "being a really dedicated blogger has been how I have achieved what I have achieved". So more dedication to my blog is in order! In the last week here are all my posts on runway/trend reports, fashion editorial reviews and on new designers. So please take a cheeky peek ;)

 The Fashion Candidates of Hyeres Festival 2012
Styling Out Of Control - A New Visionary
Mario Sorrenti Shoots for Vogue March 2012 
 Numero China Editorial for March 2012 Issue
Faith by Paul Cassidy 
Roksanda Ilinic AW12 at LFW
 Pringle of Scotland AW12 at LFW
Erdem AW12 at LFW 
 Marios Schwab AW12 at LFW
 Simone Rocha AW12 at LFW
 Thomas Tait AW12 at LFW
Anyway, hope you all have a great Easter break!!! And see you in 2 weeks.

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