Saturday, 14 April 2012

Unlocking The Next Step...

I'm sorry I haven't blogged over Easter, but better late than never, eh!? (Seems to be the story of my life now). Anyway, if Gayle ships me off to London another time I'm asking her to pay for it cos I can't keep spending £30 on fucking travel cards!!! Well, that, and I can never get round to getting a young persons railcard for those wonderful discounts. 

Anyway, I have been to London a lot over the last few weeks (and yeah, I do keep popping into Lucy in Disguise, so proud to be a friend of Lily Allen's sister ;) she was telling my Mum she wants to have me back to work there cos I brought some enthusiasm to what they do - THAT'S RIGHT GAYLE, ME, ENTHUSIASM!!) 

Anyway! The real reasons behind my trips to London is to find some inspiration for my project on locks and keys. Now I'm looking out for these things they're everywhere, it's quite overwhelming I've actually had to pace myself over what I look at each time I sit down to work (which admittedly isn't too much over the holidays). Yesterday I went to the V&A with my Mum though, and oh my God the keys and locks in there were AMAZING. So inspiring as well. Incredibly versatile and some of the photos I got were great (if I say so myself!)

I've got three of the best images in my book, detailed, analysed and added the description from the V&A website.
Aren't they amazing? 

As for other research I'm looking at Tim Holtz who did these amazing Idea-ology Word Keys

I seriously love these. It's like opening different doors to different parts of your life or mind. It's quite nice to see that someone else has had these kind of ideas, I just have to take my inspiration from it and translate it into fashion... 

I'm also really into Alexander McQueen at the moment, after going into the branch on Bond St. with Sally a week ago, I've loved it even more than I had. What I really like is the head piece in one of their recent campaigns... It could be an influence of one of my designs, because it could represent trapping the mind, which links to locking things away. Just something to look at...

So my ideas are, at the moment, to create three pieces (and maybe one extra if I have the time) but I want to make sure that I don't rush anything. Perfect quality is not something to overlook! 

One piece is going to be based on freedom. Keys are used to unlock things, yes, but when you've liberated something there's a sense of freedom which is something I want to express in my designs. (For something simple, I write it out, and it sounds complicated! Trust me). So I'm thinking expressive patterns, big pieces of billowing material to show movement, and maybe, if I'm very clever, find a way to make this into something that can be worn in different ways, so there's more diversity. But I don't want to over complicate things.... So that's just an idea for now. 

Piece no. 2 is going to express being trapped and locked away. The use of layers and features such as small padlocks and external fastenings i.e. zips. Trying to hide the model away as if she cannot be seen, preventing access to her. Which by the way, layers are the new sexy for Autumn Winter 2012! 

Piece no. 3 is going to be my favourite I think. Much more presentation involved and a hell of a lot more expressive. I'm thinking of going in the direction of breaking the boundaries. Like keys and locks work well, but what happens when someone breaks and enters, picking at locks, finding ways to go beyond the simple open and close contraption. Being accidentally trapped and stuck somewhere, locked away, or just as easily set free by accident, running away. Breaking down doors. I could express this through layers being taken off as this piece is modeled on the catwalk, no not until she's naked, but maybe having the designs slightly ripped or easy to pull apart. Again, this is just an idea, but so far I like it.

So that's all I have so far, but trust me there's more in my sketchbook and a lot more to go... Check out my blog for more

Flo xxx <3

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