Monday, 2 April 2012

Hi I'm Gayle and I luuuurve BIRDS

Hi I havent blogged in a while.. but I'm sitting in the sunny garden doing some wonderfully (as Gayle would describe it) CHEERY Jack the Ripper research..
It's actually quite interestinggg.. So far I've done a whole 2 pages YAY. And one of those was a title/ spider diagram page. Doing well aye! TO BE FAIR.. I did work all saturday and sunday.. And this is my first free day and I've put it right into excellent use!

So ummm... I've written about the first of the 5 victims.. Mary Ann Nichols.. And she was found 100 yards from the London hospital.. (unfortunate hey!)

Anywayy.. who cares.. I'm just rambling... but I wanted to Blog.. but I didnt know what to write.

I'm excited for the HUNTERIAN MUSEUM WEDNESDAY. yayayayayayayayayyyyy!! Enjoy your easter bitchezzzzz. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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