Sunday, 22 April 2012

Undercover in Selfridges . . .

Hellooooo, its Sally here once again! So at the beginning of my fmp project, Gayle recommended that I go up to London and take a look at some pieces that I would be planning on looking at within my project. So off to Selfridges I went, and I only have to pull my phone out before the guy in the Chanel department tells me off for taking photos! Damn! So it was time to be sneaky. Time for a top secret mission that involved concealing my phone camera in my cardigan. Mwhahahaha!!! So I did get some photos to make notes with - however they are quite blurred as my phones camera isn't exactly first class! So bellow are some of the photos I took next to the catwalk images of the designers pieces. BTW BELLOW THERE IS AN ERROR IN MY PAINT COLLAGE - ITS MEANT TO SAY MARY KATRANTZOU!!!! I do know how to spell her name really!!!

   I must admit it was a great idea to go. I was able to recognise the great quality of the designer garments. For example the Katrantzou pieces where lined with the beautiful prints seen outside of dresses, making them both easier to retain their shape and adding an aesthetical finish to them. Another piece that impressed me was an Erdem cardigan, which was made from such good quality wool, with chiffon floral front panels, that fitted perfectly with the SS12 trend of both pastels (due to its pastel yellow colouring) and 50's American ladylike trend. Anyway hope you enjoy my sneaky photos!!! For more fashion photos, trends and news please visit

Sally Louise Paine

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