Thursday, 12 April 2012

I need your input more than ever...time to get your thinking caps on!

Everyone should go by this motto. Just my two cents.

Hey you lot :) !

After being MIA for a while now I felt compelled to use this fabulous social network again (is that the correct umbrella term to place Blogger, I don’t know?! ) to vent my creativity through the written word, albeit lacking in the visuals I know.

As you all know (I say “all” when really I mean Jazzy, Josie, Pip and of course Gayle – I fear my presentation was rather conducive to sleep for the majority on that late afternoon) my project revolves around the concept of fashion promotion, either that of an individual  or new brand altogether, I have yet to decide.

 I want to create a magazine that  promotes the individual/brand within it (for example a double page spread) as well as incorporating other elements  such as lifestyle, fashion, well being, travel and key interviews with the ‘people of the moment’  into it without making it seem so generic  that it becomes lost at sea with all the thousands of other magazines floating around out there.

This is where you guys come in ! I want you to name my magazine , something original, quirky, witty, foreign possibly, blasphemous – the decision is yours….although I will have the final say.

Another favour I have to ask of you for the near future : I need a model/models. Someone unusual looking, not necessarily classically beautiful, but preferably of ethnic/foreign extraction that will have a wider, more universal appeal. I’m not looking for a Kate Winslet-esque English rose basically! I will probably send an email around college but if you know someone who fits the bill it would make my life a hell of a lot easier. Oh and they will need to be secure enough with their bods to take their kit off  as well as take off all make up if the photo calls for it.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter and feel rested for what will presumably be an onslaught of productivity, blood, sweat and tears over the coming weeks!

Sam x 

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