Monday, 9 April 2012

Knuckling down...finally!

Right so this is my first day of doing art for 3 days as I've been busy busy for 3 days over Easter! (Happy birthday mummy and Rach!!)

I've been looking at people like Jennifer Collier (who makes beautiful shoes and clothes out of books and maps), Marie Antoinette; just about to watch the film! And lots of other bits and bobs. 
More importantly....went to London on Wednesday with Evie and we were there for about 10 FRICKIN HOURS!!!! Yeah, suck that! We went to the V&A but as Holly says the fashion is STILL closed, but opens in May ( fat lot of good it'll be then), but we had a look round anyway at the jewellery and the theatre and performance section (which helped a lot with dresses and illustrations). We went to the Museum of London as well and walked through the "expanding city" walk, which went from the 1700s to the present day so there were lots of useful references there. And best of all I went to the Pleasure Gardens which were full off gorgeous pastel 18th century gowns, fans and masks! And I got some sneaky pictures little did the guard know. It was a small exhibit but useful! 
Plus we found the mayors carriage, which was a plus as I didn't know it was there. Not 18th century but still princessy-esque!!
And for Evies project we went to whitechapel and the hunterian museum which was GRIM but so interesting, I do think that the surgeon who collected all the specimins was a little disturbed though. He had babies in jars, that's just not right is it?!

Anyway here's some snaps I got!

Mayors carriage!

Pleasure Gardens....

And some trinkets :)

Anyway, time for me to carrying on researchin'.  Time for me to spend a couple hours of quality time with Kirsten Dunst!

Hannah T x

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