Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Right Line of Work

Sveiki!!! Its Sally again & I am in an adventurous mood, hence why I decided to explore new languages to great you with. This particular greeting means hello in Lithuanian, in case you are not fluent!! Language chosen because (as I said in the A-Z of me) I am 1/4 Lithuanian myself - which I only discovered two years ago! Shock! Horror! Now, second on the agenda, there is indeed a pun in my blog post title. I shall leave it to you to figure out when reading my post (and reveal all if you still haven't go it at the end of my piece). So lets cut to the chase here; I wasn't too sure what to share with you, so have settled on sharing with you what I got up to over Easter. Pre-warning - lots of work, travel and little play! Travel wise I went up to Leicester on Tuesday for the night, of the first week, for an interview at DMU. Then Thursday, shortly after returning, I went up to London for research and for an event at French Connections. I am also proud to say I am not a COMPLETE LOSER, as I did give myself a break at night and caught up with a bunch a friends and even fitted in a date ;) Woo go me! Ha. As for the work, take a peek bellow . . . 
Above : Mind map on Illusion : A Lie to the Eye
Above & bellow : Initial inspirational photos - Magic, Illusions, Trompe L'oeil, Op Art, Contrast, B&W, 1960s, Contours...
 Above & bellow : Research on contours & underwear - as I feel that to be able to design to manipulate the silhouette, first I will need to properly understand the female form & contours. And yes there is a naked lady on the page bellow (which many people have already pointed out to me!) - it is merely a life drawing in charcoal & chalk.
 Above : My research on Alisha Trimble - an underwear designer from NY who contacted me about my blog a year ago, resulting in an interview, work experience offer and (bellow) one of a few invites to her fashion shows.
 Above & bellow : My research on Nichole de Carle - I have admired her underwear designs for so long, which are inspired by famous buildings in fashion capitals. I have emailed her and received a response, I then drew some initial design ideas and have thought to also look to buildings for both print & contour inspiration.
 Above & bellow : Photographs of architecture around London, edited in B&W to focus the attention on the details & lines. I have chosen to look at buildings' lines for inspiration as looking at the skeleton of a building is a nice metaphor for the body contour's structure I am looking to reflect & adapt. To see all the photos please visit where you can also see what lucky little buy I found down Brick Lane.
 Above & bellow : From my photos I have created some line drawings, considering how they would look on the body as contours or print using acetate figures. I have also created four different prints that I could use as screen prints.
Above : Finally, I started looking at the art movement Cubism and it's influence in fashion, as it uses curved lines within the pieces to influence the composition and shapes. I am planning on doing a response in colour pencil, drawing one of my photographs in this style.

So that is what I have been up to. What about you? And if you have not guessed the pun yet, "The Right LINE of Work" emphasises the influence of line within my project so far. Anyway hope you all had a good Easter, if you want an even better one, then read my blog for some Easter joy 
Anyway I shall now depart. Sudie! (I shall let you look up that Lithuanian term!)
Sally Louise Paine

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