Saturday, 7 April 2012

London Town!

Had a really busy trip to London with Sam and Jazzy on Thursday :) Visited 4 museums and then had 6 hours in Oxford street! Spent WAAAAY too much money but i'm trying to forget about that :/

First we went to the Huntarian museum to look at the pickled body parts! I didn't get any photos because we weren't allowed :( And i'm too much of a goody goody to break rules like that! Unlike Jazzy :P (hehe)
Then we went to the Natural History Museum....

Some birdies for Lauren...

...Then we went to the V&A for 5 minutes and walked straight out, because they have got rid of the fashion section !!!! Outrage!! So we went to the Science Museum, which had also got rid of the fashion technology section :O They had lots of space ships though...

I am also going to Intech on Tuesday and to London again on Thursday to visit Cyberdog :P


Hope everyone is having a good week! And HAPPY EASTER!!

From Holly xxxxxxxxxxx


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