Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I am the next Nigella Lawson

So spent the last two days making lollipops  and cakes , to try and get some good photogrpahy and also test things out for my final show .

who knew it was soo hard to make simple lollipops, but that is what i have found out from the last few days as my first batch turned out a disaster ,and the rock candy , dont even ask !!!

apart from that i made some pink chocolate heart lolli pops which i think came out well , so hopefully will get some good images tommorow , also made cake pops which were a challenge to say the least so have definately ruled out those for my final show but will still photograpgh those and also made some rice crispies marshmallow square things which are delicious may i say , so will bring the last one in to photograph if it is still there by the morning :D

Also i have started creating my sweet jars , trying to get the right sweets so i can get lots of intersiting colours and also bought all my stuff so that nearer the show i can create my marshmallow sweet tree which will hopefully look like this >>>>

 <<< nice and broken


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