Wednesday, 9 May 2012

5 down - 7 to go !

So I have finished 5 of my 12 outcomes! Scarves! :) (apart from some minor emebellisment which I am doing tonight)

I am actually SO pleased with how they have turned out and thankfully there hasn't been any disasters yet, TOUCH WOOD. It's taken a lot of late night screen printing and sewing but I have finished 5 :) Only got Lizzie's scarf left to make now! So here are some pictures  but sorry about the awful photo quality and my untidy room...

Holly's oranges and lemons scarf

 Lauren's bird applique scarf

 Ellie's lily print scarf

 Jazzy's galaxy print scarf

 Flo's lace print scarf

And here's a  modroc mask that I did on Rowan's face :D (thankyou!) Which was very messy and very fun (for me). But I'm not actually using this method for my actual masks it was just to test for my sketchbook.

Hannnah T x

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