Saturday, 19 May 2012

One week left..

So I feel like for ONCE I am on track with everything, and it's about time in all honesty. Here's what I've been doing so far...

Here's what I've created for my lovely model Maddie to wear for the photo shoot & fashion show. The skirt and corset. 

I've made the jacket and shorts, which were by far the most challenging garments to make, a lot of tailoring involved, but I'm thriving off learning these new skills and I've found a new passion for designing and making, so being a designer I've had difficulties finding ways of right-ing the wrongs, but everything seems to be fixed and on the right track now!


I've found an element of freedom in the technique for making this design, which fits in well with what it's mean to be all about: freedom of expression, liberating, unlocking things, etc. I've screen printed the halterneck and I've now got to drape this fabric around Sally's figure to see what and now to sew it together. 


I have so enjoyed FMP. Much more than I thought I would! A lot has changed in my attitude, ambitions etc. and I am loving the design side of things! Genuinely though, this has been the best class I've EVER been in! Looking forward to the private exhibition and fashion show so much! Last year it was great, this year it'll be even better! :)

But, it doesn't stop there.. I may have 2 places for my photo shoot. Because a lot of my prints were based on wrought iron gates photos I took at the V&A, I decided it would be really good to have my photos of the models in front of some really beautiful gates.

I've thought about a National Trust house, but I wanted to be somewhere quite familiar, as I'm finding myself quite protective over my garments that I've made! Anyway, my first thought was Farnham, Castle Street in particular has some really beautiful houses along there, and one particular has a really lovely front garden and gates in front of it too. This is a good location as it is very close to home. I can't get a photo yet, as google isn't working for some reason, and I don't have any photos of it anyway. But I went on a mini road trip this morning with my Dad, mainly to take his amplifiers to get fixed (he's a guitarist...) anyway we drove past some amazing gates (which were practically in the middle of nowhere, but somewhere between like Guildford and Dorking or something? I don't even know, but I vaguely remember how to get there!) But I managed to take a photo on the way back. I'm expecting these will be the gates to somebody's home, but I'm not sure because all that seems to be behind them was a field. But hey, it should be okay to take a few snaps in front of yeah? Maybe I have to get permission, but I'll look into it. 

That's a really shit photo, but that's what I managed to get! They seem pretty amazing don't they? Haha!

Anyway I've also been thinking about my final show. The exhibition in particular, I think I might get some really nice decorative wallpaper from somewhere cheap like Wilkinsons, and then keeping the presentation simple. I'd have the corset and skirt, the jacket and shorts all on hangers on two sides, and then the dress on a mannequin (hopefully) in the middle. Then above each of the outfits I'm going to frame the fashion photography of the models wearing the garments that go with each. 

This is the wallpaper I had in mind. What do you think? Because of it's neutral colour scheme, it keeps the busy pattern subdued and still has a decorative manner, as I don't want to divert the attention away from the garments I've made. I'd quite like to have some sort of flooring but I have no clue how or what to do with it, because I don't really want a grotty floor supporting my work, and yes, it sounds snobby but I have a new characteristic of being a perfectionist!!!

I can't be arsed to talk about anything else so I might just leave it there for today, have a good weekend guys, and rest up! Only one week left! I'm gonna be even more of an emotional wreck at the end of the final crit! 

Flo :)

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